Mental health

If it is regarding mental people often take it as crazy.. Dude, to me everybody is crazy it is just how we handle it makes us less crazy.

So yeah after several test taken… I have depression, gda and ptsd. Idk whether it is legit yet or not… Trying to find a real doc on this issue….though to be honest I am scared to know the truth…

What triggers all those stuff ? I really hv no idea… And i mean, I do have suicidal thought but i never hurt myself, and the thought of if I am dissappear everything will be alright, and i know pretty damn well i am in a lot of stress… Wheww what a lot of things to feel as a human…

Sometimes to me, people with this issues are unfair. I mean i try so hard to cure myself to not try to jump.from high places or stay in water too long…but they use this thing as a liecense to do hurtful and to be honest they are such an egomaniac..

You want me to understand you, but you didnt even try to understand others, you blame people as if your are not at fault at all… Whenever i talk nobody heard me… I feel so angry, when i go with the flow and something went wrong they blame me… Greattt and whenever they feel guilty of hurting others they said i hv depression …so lame…

So unfair

I keep everything to myself for a long time… Crying till it hurts, how can they just easily said that when you dont even try… I try so hard to make myself healthy.

You get mad over stupid things for a long time and put it on others hahh! 

I try halt myself from having weird stuff in my head. I ask you to slowly stop those kind of things but you dont want to, you know pretty damn well it is haram yet you still did it. Whose fault is that huh?!!!

Ada banyak benda lain kau boleh ikut but noooooo you want people to understand why you did that… So much for escapism so much for reason to live. ALLAH kau letak mana ? 

Hell yes am being emotional , ak nak kawan aku jd sihat.. Sama2 cuba jd sihat… Tp kau tak nak dengar, ego sangat… Am proud of myself to knowledge that i hv those things cause i try so hard to refrained myself.. I did something, and you just rant on your ego.


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