Tomorrow will be the last day for february 😞. I miss ayah so much, 15th was his birthday , can’t call him and wish him liked I used to…although I still remember how hard it is feel like to delete his number from my contacts and how I still call his number eventhough I know nobody would answer.. I miss you so much lately.. I wanna see you

24th was his birthday, I guess I am doing a good job resisting myself and trying my hardest to forget my feeling. Only Allah knows..May Allah blessed him with happiness and May Allah blessed me with peace.. 

February is a heartbroken month for me. Both of them are not meant to stay with me. How my heart dies when they leave. 

I wish for better days and better me. Avenge yourself bel, live your life to the fullest. 

Be a better person then you already are

Love yourself more, though there are no feelings that we can feel..

I miss my old self. A happy me. 


I am no angel

Is it wrong to feel uncomfortable to pray with others in the room? 

All i want a bit privacy with Allah, only that time I was able to feel calm, not that praying together make me feel in hell. It’s just, that is the time I want to fully focus, to fully feel at home. 

I know they mean well but, it is so uncomfortable. I hate it this feeling. I want to be at peace. I want no one to feel uncomfortable. 

All i ask is for a lone time w Him. Every prayer, i know tht it hv many benefits, but why it makes me hate them so much ? Ahhhhhhhh😩😩😩😩😩😩😩


Demam, sakit kepala, tapak kaki sejuk, sakit urat, palpitation. 

It is not a heartbreak, it is a liberation from my old silly self. 

Pain will be memory. 

I can’t thank you enough. 

You are a very nice guy, I don’t deserve you. 

Thank you for saying no politely. 

Thank you for not making me cry. 

I feel so free, though I am not happy.

May Allah bless you always with happiness, always. 

I love you💖

Just so you know, though you won’t. I always stand firm with my decisions and not once I regret it. 

🙋 its a good goodbye