All Time Favorite

Assalamualaikum to all !

though I know that nobody read this haha

well, just forget that  today post is about what inspire me through my all time fav TV show. I don’t know how does they run those show but they do know how to affect me. Really. In a good way. So, let us go through one by one.

1.One Piece (anime)

One Piece is a story about Monkey D. Luffy, a young-spirited-energetic-full-of-life boy that dreams to become a Pirate King. My, my, what a character isn’t he. For general information to whoever never watch this amazing yet ongoing story lemme tell ya a bit about it. He (Luffy) ate a Deviled Fruit that gave him ability to stretch yet his survival ability-swim was blocked away. So, Luffy is right now in a journey to find his fated crew members to join him and support him to become a Pirate King. The recent episodes of this anime is still ongoing. You guys can watch it at here –>


and you guys might be curious about this certain anime right ? What so special about this anime that I’ve become so attached to my TV/Laptop if anyone watch it ?

haha let me invade your mind a bit. This story is too long for god sake, yet full filling. Whenever he found a new member or went to a new country for an amazing adventure, there are story. Heart pounding story. How he never gave up on saving people, I mean come on guys, he is a freaking pirate, in real world, in my world, the only pirate that I know are people selling fake stuff or illegal CD’s, and yeah, pirate are bad in general. Differ from any anime, these type of pirate have their own reason why they become a pirate. Some might sound ridiculous, some might be logic, but not one human that god create are similar, even the twins++.

So, what I can say is, whenever I feel want to give up on something I hear their song and yes, I saw each face of the Straw Hats crews – Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Ussop, Sanji, Robin, Chopper, Franky and Brook, and I say, if they never give up, why should you. Thank You Eiichiro Oda.


2. America’s Next Top Model


Hehe, you guys might be surprised that I watch these type of reality show. Ahhaha, anyways it wasn’t a bad show after all. It might feel a bit off when a serious person like me watch these crazy stuff. I know the impression when they saw me watch ANTM. Well here is a bit intro – The show was created by Tyra Banks – world renown model, entrepreneur and host. From 2003 til now, the show has reached the Cycle 21 where in cycle 20 until recent the male are given opportunity to prove themselves as a top and high fashion model. Tyra herself is a great model (she is my all time fav model) and she give other people that have the potential to become a high fashion model chance to start their journey.


Yup, she’s one of a kind lady – fierce. Not all model are as successful as she is right now. Still beautiful and fierce. I gotta say, you need to pass down your beauty secret TyTy. Oh and how I love that she is inspiring people to be as successful as she is. So great. Well the main reason I watch her show is how she help her contestant to be an amazing model. No matter what is you past background. If you work hard, it’ll pays off. She’s a living proof. It’s not like I want to be her. I want to be much more than her. Well sorry, I can’t be a model yet I can be myself. That is enough, and through the show I learn how to communicate, how to speak at least a wee bit fluent though it sounds weird, and I learn how to smize, that’s right SMIZE. haha

3. Shokugeki no Souma (anime)

It is a new series of cooking anime. I found it when I was soo hungry and don’t know what to cook. It is a tale of Souma an amateur cook that was forced by his awesome dad to study at a legend cooking school in Japan. Well, he found many great challenger , thus in order to defeat his father cooking skills he need to survive that high school to improve himself. I think You can get the picture why I like it (cause it has many ideas of new food, i like to cook), and yes it’s suitable for 20++ age. Sorry. The impact when anyone taste a great or disgusting food is quite extreme I’d say, but the rest is amazing. The episodes is still ongoing.


soma 1

4. Uttare Daikichi

It is an old manga that I bought in the earlier days of my high school. It so wonderful. This is a mind blowing manga that focused on how to make your business is successful. Daikichi is a boy that is a genius tactical in business. He enter a competition to become a great businessman. The manga is created by Yuuji Takemura and the story line is awesome, I mean how can you have 100000++ ways to make your business success ? and not all people can understand that and apply it in daily life, but the manga came with an example and how to apply on real life. It’s a huge thing if this manga translated. It’s kinda sad that the manga didn’t appear in any online manga page. It’s better to translate these type of manga rather than yuri, yaoi or hentai.


yeah that is the some of it. Well, to be honest, I feel so excited to write this whole thing. I really want people to understand that there is much more than meets the eye/book/show … whatever . Read between the line. Last  but not least take all the positive things that you can grasp in anything that you do.




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