WeeWeeWednesday : Love stories

Assalamualaikum to all,

it’s so early in the morning I know,

well cause I’d already sleep just now . See the tittle ? heheh

not about me though , I don’t have any love stories haha

I mean how can I have one . I don’t even have the hero! haha  , even if I have one , I;ll never show him haha .

Okay , to be honest I don’t really have anything to say or to tell , Just feel like writing up something, hmm


do you guys ever feel lost ? I mean your old self suddenly disappear, I do feel that now. I feel that I’ve been so bitchy to my classmates these few weeks. I’m bad , i know .

I hate it .

“to hate others is just ugly, but hating yourself ?

it is much uglier”

help me ?

I do need a hero right now.



london bridge

imagine dragons – demons


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