Fetish Fun Time

Assalamualaikum uolls !

ahahah , talk about fetish haha , one of them were having my own full-complete set of furnished kitchen . haaa , what a wonderful feeling that flow inside me . *can’t stop smiling !* I’m not a culinary students , pastries wannabe or so called chef . It’s just ILOVECOOKING ! ehereherher

Can you imagine , the fluffy bread , sweet taste of butter melted on the crabs , oh oh splash with some sweet citrus , the froffy and cute macaroons , gooey golden honey maple syrup , blaze the tender meat on the coal that’ll gives you the smell of urghhhh , undeniable taste of the chicken that is been marinated and cook so well . Ohhhh yeahh *I’m drooling by the way*

Hahah , just by imagine those stuff I can be happy for the whole day . I love to cook and I love to see people’s face when they taste my cooking ( even though it’s sucks ) , still I love to cook . 😀 One of my fav cooking guru is —- BYRON TALBOTT ! wohooo ! GO Byron!

byron the chef

byron [age


One fine young chef that mesmerize me by his cooking skills , how he presents the food , and how he ate it ( can’t deny that it’s hard to find young-hunk-cook in this era , yet he’s already married ) , and most of his recipes are easy to follow . Well , I do cook some of his recipes but some I don’t cause Imma student so MO is very important for me to survive .. hemm , also I love some of his kitchen appliances . It’s so awesomely cute-small-just-enough-for-my-tummy . Last word for you Byron – I love your food 😀

Well I wish one day , I will be able to make one of this fetish of mine comes true . Have a fully-furnished kitchen with awsome fridge and grills just like a chef 🙂

oh yeah ! here is Byron Talbott YouTube channel

—-click here—->    http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD5WWnRed32y3xGwmrDhUiQ

enjoy !




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