WeeWeeWednesday! : Kebaya Lady In The Sky

Assalamualaikum everyone !

As much you guys see the tittle above hehe , yep I’m gonna talk about it . No , more about her I’d say . Her name is Fatin Ilani , yes , she’s from Malaysia and as much as we do , she also support Gaza . She is a very good girl , very hard working for every bit thing that she do . Playful as much as we are and yes very very beautiful and gorgeous . Being young is quite the blame I’d say , most of the youth love to do this – changeling themselves ! Who never do that anyway ? I always do that although the things that we do seems foolish and stupid yet it is a self satisfactory . 

brave , brain and beauty – that’s every girl in the world would like to have and she have that , so don’t blame her with what she just did . Well what this make her ‘The Kebaya Lady In The Sky’ ? She moved the world with roller coaster feeling about her , she introduced herself shockingly differently than others and this debutante of her is a self satisfactory for her and her friends .  She sees the world differently than others , it’s just took time to see the way she sees it . 

Spot fatin !

I see , hear and now I’ll be talking how do I feel when I saw her picture . IT WAS AN AMAZING ACT! I’ve been wanting to do the same , just not at a building , at the highest waterfall . I saw many comments about her and yes , how I laughed so much when I saw it , but , I still feel worry about her *thoughIworryfornothing* , cause she’s a human , it’s not possible that she didn’t feel anything when you guys just say awful things to her . Yes she went up there with him the photographer , but what’s with the negative talking ? Really all human are being the so called ‘judge’ . People ask me ‘what did she want to prove ?’ ‘why is she doing that?’ ‘she’s so dangerous , cannot be a good wife’ ‘she’s just an attention seeker’ @_@ . 
shut your wind pipe already . One thing I said to myself after this picture is revealed “Alhamdulilah , nasib hang tak jatuh fatin ” . 

At least for the most impossible thing, she’s being herself . Half crazy yet half decent , just like anyone else, well, at least she doesn’t fake herself to be in a crowd . Not just that , she’s stating what she want to , it’s not like she’s praying for bad things . Yes her act is awesomely dangerous , but be grateful she’s still in one fine piece , you talk rubbish cause you want to do that and don’t have any chance . Admit it . I’m a pushy and I know it . All that I know that Fatin Ilani is a great girl , professional , sweet , hard working , worships and love Allah and Islam just as much as we are . We are perfectly imperfect #michellephan 

Hold that word and you would never question yourself in doing anything relatively harmful and harmless . *killingkidsinGazaisawrongthinginanyangle*

Last but not least how can I defended her , cause I know her for her kindness , her bravery and her intelligent mind . I’m merely a fragment of her memory . So that’s it . 

Happy reading and respect people for anything that they do 

my name is fatin ilani ,im from malaysia and i support GAZA

my name is fatin ilani ,im from malaysia and i support GAZA




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