The Last for 2nd year

It’s my last paper today, my ankle hurts, I’m feeling light headed – from all the sleepless night, but that’s okay. At least I make effort for each paper.

Can’t wait to go home, rest and start to work. I need money for next semester’s fees. I need money to survive at one of expensive places to study. I am tired, hungry and nauseous. 

My body needs rest. 

I miss home already..

May Allah bless 

This bed sure do looks nice πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ



Salam all, 

It will be the last semester for year 1 cts, cant wait to be in the new year.

Though i wanna give up so many times, but being hard and cofusing are the reason i’m staying. 

I learn a lot, I sacrifice a lot, I cried a lot for many reasons. I’m growing each and everyday, mentally and physically.

I’m scared , I’ve lost and found my way back. So many things happen, but now it is time to focus – for the finals πŸ˜ƒ.

All the best. Be the best bel! You can do this!!

Mental health

If it is regarding mental people often take it as crazy.. Dude, to me everybody is crazy it is just how we handle it makes us less crazy.

So yeah after several test taken… I have depression, gda and ptsd. Idk whether it is legit yet or not… Trying to find a real doc on this issue….though to be honest I am scared to know the truth…

What triggers all those stuff ? I really hv no idea… And i mean, I do have suicidal thought but i never hurt myself, and the thought of if I am dissappear everything will be alright, and i know pretty damn well i am in a lot of stress… Wheww what a lot of things to feel as a human…

Sometimes to me, people with this issues are unfair. I mean i try so hard to cure myself to not try to jump.from high places or stay in water too long…but they use this thing as a liecense to do hurtful and to be honest they are such an egomaniac..

You want me to understand you, but you didnt even try to understand others, you blame people as if your are not at fault at all… Whenever i talk nobody heard me… I feel so angry, when i go with the flow and something went wrong they blame me… Greattt and whenever they feel guilty of hurting others they said i hv depression …so lame…

So unfair

I keep everything to myself for a long time… Crying till it hurts, how can they just easily said that when you dont even try… I try so hard to make myself healthy.

You get mad over stupid things for a long time and put it on others hahh! 

I try halt myself from having weird stuff in my head. I ask you to slowly stop those kind of things but you dont want to, you know pretty damn well it is haram yet you still did it. Whose fault is that huh?!!!

Ada banyak benda lain kau boleh ikut but noooooo you want people to understand why you did that… So much for escapism so much for reason to live. ALLAH kau letak mana ? 

Hell yes am being emotional , ak nak kawan aku jd sihat.. Sama2 cuba jd sihat… Tp kau tak nak dengar, ego sangat… Am proud of myself to knowledge that i hv those things cause i try so hard to refrained myself.. I did something, and you just rant on your ego.


“Ambil degree ni kena banyak baca and faham”, that is what I’ve heard from Along. Reality – 100% just as she said. Luckily, I am an avid reader. I read almost anything and everything, but it seemed that I lack of reading practice lately…. *sigh*

Too busy with memorizing formulas, ayat and such… 

To be better is ain’t waltz dearie, and waltz is not easy either ! 

I hope I can succede better than last semester… Start early bel! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ 

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Tomorrow will be the last day for february 😞. I miss ayah so much, 15th was his birthday , can’t call him and wish him liked I used to…although I still remember how hard it is feel like to delete his number from my contacts and how I still call his number eventhough I know nobody would answer.. I miss you so much lately.. I wanna see you

24th was his birthday, I guess I am doing a good job resisting myself and trying my hardest to forget my feeling. Only Allah knows..May Allah blessed him with happiness and May Allah blessed me with peace.. 

February is a heartbroken month for me. Both of them are not meant to stay with me. How my heart dies when they leave. 

I wish for better days and better me. Avenge yourself bel, live your life to the fullest. 

Be a better person then you already are

Love yourself more, though there are no feelings that we can feel..

I miss my old self. A happy me. 

I am no angel

Is it wrong to feel uncomfortable to pray with others in the room? 

All i want a bit privacy with Allah, only that time I was able to feel calm, not that praying together make me feel in hell. It’s just, that is the time I want to fully focus, to fully feel at home. 

I know they mean well but, it is so uncomfortable. I hate it this feeling. I want to be at peace. I want no one to feel uncomfortable. 

All i ask is for a lone time w Him. Every prayer, i know tht it hv many benefits, but why it makes me hate them so much ? Ahhhhhhhh😩😩😩😩😩😩😩


Demam, sakit kepala, tapak kaki sejuk, sakit urat, palpitation. 

It is not a heartbreak, it is a liberation from my old silly self. 

Pain will be memory. 

I can’t thank you enough. 

You are a very nice guy, I don’t deserve you. 

Thank you for saying no politely. 

Thank you for not making me cry. 

I feel so free, though I am not happy.

May Allah bless you always with happiness, always. 

I love youπŸ’–

Just so you know, though you won’t. I always stand firm with my decisions and not once I regret it. 

πŸ™‹ its a good goodbye


calculus *shift to* tilawah + tajwid *shift to* surah al mulk *shift to* surah ali imran *shift to* calculus again.

– current situation

I took the most subject this year… 8 subject is no kidding.. chill

Imma multitask person, one of my unique perks

All the best for final bel! You can do this.

for them, for him, for us.

May Allah bless our effort!

(17/12/2016 – 12/1/2017)


There was once a upon a time that I read a novel, Schubert Serenade – Hlovate. I think that I understand what the writer want me to feel, but I didn’t. Yes, aku rasa aku faham perasaan kehilangan orang, orang yang mana sangat dekat di hati and that person just vanished. ‘poof’! Just like that.


Sekarang ni benda tu hari-hari aku rasa. That feeling is so undescribable.

betul apa yang ditulis oleh Hlovate – Rindu orang yang dah takda ni sakit. It hurts so much.

ikut hati aku yang kotor ni, aku nak nangis sepanjang masa

ikut hati aku yang penuh nafsu ni, aku nak Dia bagi balik orang tu

ikut hati aku yang kecik ni, I just want to see him and hug him, he – a person that will never be haram for me to touch.

Honestly, I am living in a different world called denial, I deny all my true feeling.

macam masa tengah susun barang yang dah diletak price tag petang tadi – first day kerja. Radio baru je putar lagu Rabbani – Intifadha. Jenuh control sedih so that I never ever cry in front of strangers. ‘ Selamat tinggal pada semua, Berpisah kita selamanya…’Β Lirik dia yang satu ni memang buat hati rasa nak meraung. Susah payah aku praktis breathing, istighfar and move on.

I deny the emptiness that I feel right now, kerja tu alasan tak nak duduk rumah. I can go crazy if I stay at home any longer. I can see him everywhere, at every place that he used to walk, at the roadside, at the verandah, at the living room, at the dining table, in front of the gate. It makes me losing my sanity. That’s why I work.

I am not happy, but I smile, cause if I don’t, it will affect my mother and my siblings. It’s so hard to let him go. It is so hard to accept the truth that we just lost a father and my mother is a widow. Ingat jadi janda ni senang ke hah. Orang suka fitnah ibu tunggal ni – “apa perasaan korang kalau orang tuduh mak kau meroyan? padahal mak tu, Alhamdulillah sihat” , suka rampas harta dengan alasan darah daging yang tersenarai dalam faraid – nasib ada adik aku yang lelaki tu. Tu belum lagi harta sepencarian. Fikirlah dalam-dalam, harta tu bukan hak kita. Hak Allah. Kalau makan bukan hak kita kau larat nak jawab di akhirat? Jangan ingat kita tu konon-konon orang masjid selamat di akhirat. So yeah, fake happiness is what I am displaying right now.

Oh yeah, at least ada berita gembira ( small one) dalam hidup – I got to Uni of Bristol, sadly I couldn’t go and I’ve already declined the offer walaupun dah separuh jalan. Jadi la kan, ada jugak something and I’ve decided – aku nak travel, nak capai impian aku satu ni. Nak bawak parents jalan-jalan keliling dunia, tapi sekarang ni boleh bawak mak je lah tapi kena cari ongkos dulu. Simpan.


Aku ada banyak yang ‘sangkut’ di hati bila ayah takda ni.

  • ayah tak sempat tengok kami kawin
  • ayah tak sempat rasa timang cucu
  • ayah tak sempat nak pegi majlis konvo aku
  • ayah tak sempat nak pegi umrah again yang memang dah planning
  • ayah tak sempat rasa hantar anak pegi oversea and go to his child graduation ceremony there

and the list go on ….

tapi siapa aku nak defy Allah the greatest creator, The one and only God Almighty. Siapa aku. Dosa pun banyak – aku ni bukan perempuan yang suci dari dosa besar to be true. Aku pernah tinggal solat, terjebak dengan tengok porn – curious punya pasal and banyak benda ni dalam anime, terjebak dengan depression sampai nak bunuh diri, baca quran pun hentam je, suka anak orang (yang ni seksa sikit nak buang), lawan cakap mak ayah, berkasar dengan tok aku, merungut, mengumpat, memfitnah -” y did i say fitnah sbb fitnah n umpat dtg in one pack.”, menipu, aurat pun tak jaga, ikhtilat lagi la…banyak lagi … sampai satu tahap aku tak nak kawin sebab aku kesian dengan bakal pasangan aku and aku sampai sekarang benci dengan diri sendiri.

tapi tak bermakna aku suka dengan apa aku buat tu. Those confession dekat atas tu semua dark side and bad skeletons aku yang tersimpan dalam black past closet. Aku tengah berubah and Allah je tau seksa macam mana, berapa banyak air mata yang tumpah. Pada orang yang aku suka tu maaf – I am no bidadari syurga di dunia ni but I am trying my hardest to be one in akhirat. I really hope dia baca ni and sudi terima aku – 5 tahun aku pendam and aku banyak kali nak confess tapi I want to improve myself before I do so. At least if I will be rejected aku dah usaha bukan saja-saja cakap aku suka aku suka. I am dead serious.

Pada ayah yang angah kasihi, angah minta maaf sebab angah bukan anak yang terbaik, angah cuba jadi yang terbaik. Harap ayah doakan angah di ‘sana’.

Pesanan aku pada orang yang ada ayah and benci ayah dia atas apa sebab sekalipun, balik and minta maaf even if we’re so darn right. Dia tulah reason kita wujud. Ingat – after Allah and Rasulullah, sayang and respect mak and then do the same to ayah. Ego tu tak kemana pun, setan je semua tu.

Sincerely and honestly – bel

*no more hiding*